Our technicians work with private individuals but also have contracts with several large housing and security companies. We are always happy to offer advice and quotes so feel free to call for more information. Our team are friendly and will always make time for you. For general/non-emergency quotes, please call during office hours. But don’t forget, we are always open for emergencies.


Investing in the right locks will help to ensure that your property is as safe and secure as possible.
Important areas for locks to be installed:

  • Front Doors/Main entrances: This is often the most accessible part of your property, and it is therefore probably the important area to secure. It is recommended that you have at least one British Standard (BS 3621) dead lock fitted on all external doors.
  • Back doors: It is also very important to secure this area. It may be possible to have extra security in this area as you will not generally be leaving the property via this exit.
  • uPVC doors: uPVC doors are usually fitted with multi-point locking mechanisms as standard. These are adequate for most home insurance company polices.
  • Windows: Whether uPVC or wooden, we recommend that any accessible windows be fitted with key locking window locks.
  • Sliding patio doors/French doors: All patio/French door should be fitted with a key operated lock.


All external doors or final exit doors should have at least one insurance-compliant lock fitted. Although external locks form the majority of our work, we are also able so supply and fit internal locks. All of our locksmiths carry a large range of locks at all times and have years of experience in installing all types of lock. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

We fit all of the main brands of lock, including:

  • Yale
  • Chubb
  • Union
  • Banham
  • Adams Rite
  • as well as several other well known, high quality brands.

Also, please do remember that we are a friendly, local company. We pride ourselves on total customer satisfaction, and we will never try to sell you something that isn’t necessary.


It seems to be an unusual profession for a woman, but we are lucky enough to have a female locksmith available for both scheduled appointments and emergency call-outs.

It often surprises customers when she arrives – they’re expecting an oil-coated man with a pencil behind one ear ? ? But customers rave about her and she can easily match any male locksmith we’ve met in terms of knowledge, talent and experience!

Ask her what the difference is between her and a male locksmith and she’ll tell you:

“I tidy up afterwards!” ? ?

Gain Entry

If you are locked out of your home for any reason, we will be able to gain entry to your property and replace the lock if necessary. Our engineers are very experienced in these situations provide a top quality service.

In most cases, our locksmiths can gain entry to your property using non-destructive methods which leave your lock in tact. However, sometimes a new lock will be required. There are many types of lock used on doors, each of which requires a different method to gain entry. uPVC doors a common and these have a cylinder lock which can often be opened with no damage to your lock. Other cylinder locks (Yale-type locks) can often be opened without damage. Mortice locks are much more difficult to open using and may need to be drilled. This would require a new lock. Our engineers carry a range of locks and replacement is often less expensive than repeated attempts at opening a locked or damaged mortice.

Whatever your lock type, our engineers will ALWAYS use the quickest and least destructive method to gain entry to your property.

Our locksmiths carry all of the equipment needed to open your lock.


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