If you are looking for someone to take images of your wedding day that will capture the moments, the emotion and the story of the day, then I might be the photographer for you. My idea of wedding photography is not your usual looking straight at the camera formal style, I want to capture the day as it was with all the laughter, love and everything in-between. Of course I can also do the more formal, family/group images when required....the parents or grandparents normally demand them!

I like to be pretty much unnoticeable and blend into the background as I'm not into being the centre of attention in any way and I find it helps me capture the moments if people forget I'm there. I'm good at just being myself, which makes people comfortable with me and my camera, this helps in really getting some truly natural, informal moments that help bring out the character of the day in all its glory.

I'll be there right at the start when you're getting ready with your friends and I'll photograph all the excitement and even some of the nerves. I want to show exactly how the day was! Not some staged part, which only tells a fraction about who you both are. Documentary photography is something that really helps in telling the story of the day and everyone who came together to celebrate it with you. There will be images that will make you laugh and some that will make you shed a tear! If I've done my job properly it will feel like you're reliving the day every time you look at the pictures.

We'll get on great if:

  • You want photos of how the day felt (including the quirky and not so perfect)
  • You want to remember feelings (not just 'stuff')
  • You want to celebrate your love (It's not just about the event - It's the love. Cheesy maybe, but true)
  • You're into my documentary approach (other than family/group photo time you will hardly notice me)
  • You want to be directed but not 'posed' (No 'arty' shots - just genuine interaction and moments)

Cattistock, Dorchester, DT2 0FD, UK

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