SAS Roofing, Master Roofer in Bournemouth and Boscombe

Exclusivly covering Bourenouth and Boscombe, going out to and serving all of the emergancy services in the United Kingdom for the next 15 months.

Offering First Class Roofing service project from start to finish. We quote, remove the old roof, undertake any remedial , for example, replacing rotten or old wooden rafters and battens, attach new felt insulation and construct the new roof, and build a brand new roof, using our team of highly trained roofers, working in an organised and methodical way, giving you complete peace of mind.

Roof Maintenance is essential, especially if you live in an area where your home is in an exposed location. However, at SAS we do recommend calling us for an annual roof check. We can replace any hip tiles or ridge tiles that may have become loose. These are the 'edging' tiles which help to stablise the whole roof structure when it is being re-built. If any potential problems are found, for example, broken, missing or loose slates or tiles, these can be repaired in a professional and organised way, keeping your home in tip top condition.

At SAS Roofing We carry out repairs to flat roofs where possible. Re-cover flat roofs using a polyester system or single ply systems.

Many properties which have a flat roof usually forms part of an extension, whether it is a bungalow, house or ground floor flat, even shops or businesses.

Most properties are constructed with a pitched roof, which is slanted or sloped at a specific angle to ensure rainwater or snow falls away from the building. All pitched roofs can be repaired or replaced by SAS Roofing and his team in Bournemouth , please call for a free no obligation quote.

If the flat roof becomes saturated with rain, it will probably leak and cause internal problems. Single ply roofing membranes are used to ensure waterproofing to achieve a lightweight, flexible, high performance roof system. Special materials are used for flat roofs because they are constructed in a different way to a pitched roof, many are bitumen covered (asphalt or a sticky tar) with a layer of gravel, to insulate the roof.

We can also supply and fit a PVC membrane on a flat roof, which is more commonly used for refurbishment or new builds, and commercial buildings.


Many roofs have a valley, which is made of lead or zinc. This is the joining structure of pitched roofs and can become vulnerable and cause leaks, as this is where the main rainwater runs into the valley and into the guttering. Very often this needs to be re-pointed or renewed because of wear and tear. If you think your roof is leaking, this could be the reason. We will repair or renew as necessary.

We keep a large and varied stock of both new and quality reclaimed / second-hand materials including Clay or Concrete Tiles and Fittings, Slate natural and man-made. Cedar Shingles, Felt, Batten, Nails and Fixings, PVC guttering including popular cast-iron style, PVC fascia and soffit, lead sheet, flashings and fixings, ventilation products, Velux and Dakea roof lights and felt flat roofing materials including felt shingles, GRP fibreglass flat roof products.



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    SAS Roofing offering a Professional Roofing Service Exclusivly to boscombe and bourneouth.

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