Our Heritage ...........

Established in 1978, Heating South West Ltd has long been considered as an expert in range cookers.  Through its local Supplies division in Cornwall, it has designed, developed and distributed Heritage Range Cookers for nearly 20 years. Now with a workforce of some 25 people, many of which have been with the Company for well over 20 years. Heritage enjoys a reputation for quality and reliability countrywide.

Based in Liskeard in Cornwall, the Heritage draws on the pioneer spirit of the early Cornish Range and the long history of expertise in range cooker manufacturing. Heritage has an innovative design coupled with a traditional solid build quality. This enables us to achieve a highly efficient, controllable cooker that will last for generations.

Installation and Maintenance

Heritage range cookers are designed to be very easy to work on. Any suitably qualified installer who is familiar with modern pressure jet burners and range cookers will be able to install and service a Heritage. We have technicians at hand to offer guidance and support on inst allation and servicing.

We strongly recommend you adhere to the current building regulations and our installation and servicing manual.  All spares within the Heritage are available readily within the UK and EU.


Station Road, Liskeard PL14 4DA, UK

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